Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tonight Anna's little achievement day group had a recognition night. They got to show off some of the things they have been working on, and it was alot of fun. It really made the girls feel special. They have some great leaders, and we are so proud of Anna for her hard work and dedication. We love you Anna!!!

I'm Proud to Be an American

God Bless the USA
On Friday, Lyndsie got to participate in the Moreland Elementary 1st grade Patriotic Program. She had a little speaking part (which she has had memorized for like 3 weeks), and she sang her little heart out. You would have thought that entire program's success depended entirely on how intently she sang. She was so cute. Those little kids reminded us how we should have pride in our country. It was so refreshing to see them learning about our freedom at such a young age. Way to go Lyndsie!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Okay, here is the dress, I hope these pics help you.

Here is the full dress. I only sewed one side seam, the other side is just folded over. I would sew the top and the bottom together first . Then add the "white bias tape" then fold the piece in half with the good sides together and do the side seam. Turn the dress right side out and then fold the "pillowcase" in half and cut a "J" shape for the arms. then you can hem the bottom and the top. You need to gather the top seam before you put the bias tape around the arm holes. Good luck. Call me if you need help.

Here is the close up of the bias tape I made for the arm holes and the ties.

Here is another full shot of the dress

Here is the dress I made for Brittany's baby. It is about a 3-6 month size.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Modeling My Latest Projects

There were a couple requests to post some pictures of the girls wearing the dresses I made. I really don't feel like the pictures do them justice, but here they are. They turned out pretty cute.

Monday, February 8, 2010

MOM. . . A MESS!!!

"Mom, A mess! I clean it." These are Vivian's favorite words. Usually, the mess is spilled milk at a meal, or water spilled on the floor. . . but this chip mess happened 2 times in like 15 minutes tonight while I was cooking dinner! Lesson to mom to move the chips to a higher shelf. What a stinker.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Latest Project

So, after spending hours dress hunting with Anna, I decided my dress hunting days are over. Dresses are over priced and it's hard to find what you really want. I decided it is time to learn to sew them. So, I began my search for a beginner pattern to try sewing for the younger girls. I found a cute pattern and went on my way. . .. . . after 1 hour TA DA!!!!! Abby has a cute dress, it is the right colors, the right length, and it's comfortable (Abby's all about comfort)! Spencer was about as excited as husbands get about dresses, so I though I would post it show it off to someone who would be excited with me. I thought it turned out pretty darn cute!!!

Disney World Continued. . .

We saw this giraffe on the African Safari. Abby loves animals and we did this ride twice just for her. It was really cool.

Here's the "UP" characters. We waited in line for a while for this picture. . . Lyndsie was so excited!

At magic kindom, there was a man who did water art on the ground. It was really neat to watch him. We would find this art randomly through out the park. (sorry for the sideways pic.)

Lyndsie got to be an "Apprentice Pirate" for being in Captain Jack Sparrow's show. What a cute little pirate she is ARRRG

Abby and Vivers sporting their minnie mouse ears

Lyndsie and Abby with Annie and Leo from Little Einsteins (Anna would have no part of this picture) so funny!

This is Ta Mater. . without the "Ta". The girls loved this!

We are at the Block Party Bash in Hollywood Studios. The girls got to dance with Jesse in the street. They had some sweet moves!

Here are the green army men that live outside the Toy Story ride. Seriously cool costumes!

This is Vivian with Minnie Mouse. She loved meeting the characters, which surprised me just a little bit! She had absolutely no fear. . . she just loves the mouse!

Here are all the girls with Minnie

Group picture at the bus stop. Can you tell the whole week was a party?
Thanks for a great Vacation!