Sunday, January 4, 2009


Wow, time really is flying so fast. I have to apologize to all of you who like to read my blog. The holidays started coming, and my life got crazier and crazier. I just had to let a few things slide for a while, and sadly enough, blogging wasn't the most important on my list for a while! I just basically thought I could give a quick overview of what we have been doing around here!

We took an awesome trip to Yellowstone National Park in October. . Cold, but way worth it!

Next, It was Halloween time, what cute little kids. I love to see them in costumes!

We had a great Thanksgiving at the Larsen's home with plenty of food, family, and fun, and then it was off for the great Christmas tree hunt!

Anna had a Christmas play and she was an elf. How cute to see those little 2nd graders perform!

Now for Jessica and Adam's wedding. What a cute couple. . .congratulations guys!

And yes, my Vivy is not such a baby anymore. . . 8 months old now! Where did the time go?

And I was very proud of Abby's hairdo at the wedding. . this pic is mostly for Kayleen.

We had a great Christmas, and are truly greatful for the Savior in our lives. We are greatful for every Christmas season to remember Him and celebrate His birth.

So, that's the Larsen family in a serious nutshell. I hope to do better blogging this year, but I hope to do better in a lot of things. I hope you enjoyed the update.