Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hair, Hair Hair

Anna has been asking for a shorter haircut for a while. As we were walking out the door for the appointment, Lyndsie was quite sure she needed hers done as well. Thanks a ton to Merri who spent 2 hours cutting hair for me and my girls this afternoon. The girls love their new haircuts!!
They are actually cuter in person!
Anna's Front View

Anna's Back View

Lyndsie's Front View

Lyndsie's Back View


K said...

Love it! Reminds me that mine is way overdue for a trim.

Kayleen said...

CUTE! Do you have to straighten Anna's every day?

Jenny Lou said...

Super Cute!!! I need to post Tracie's new doo.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Cute new haircuts for two very CUTE girls! They looks great!

Jenny Lou said...

Anna- Tracie says you look so pretty.
You too Lyndsie!!!!! Tracie's hair picture will post tomorrow sometime.

Becky T said...

So cute, Corinne! I love that haircut on little girls, I think it's darling. They look great!